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Juan Manuel Ruiz is a pianist who produces and edits his music independently. He works in the municipal archive as an administrative one. Juan Manuel is a lover of new age music for piano and melancholic and relaxed melodies.

In 2018 he released the album «Will», an album with 13 songs for piano with orchestral arrangements that marks his debut as a pianist composer. In 2020 he presented the album, «Cutouts», this time a solo piano album, made up of ten new songs, ten cutous, plus a performance of Nocturne op 9 No 2 by Chopin.

In 2023, Juan Manuel returns with two albums of contrasting sounds, of lived memories and dreamed memories, of nostalgic moments and disturbing moments, of paths of light and dark paths. Two ways of looking at the past that we carry inside our hearts.

Juan Manuel Ruiz, solo piano artist

Latest Album

The passage of time is present in the music of Juan Manuel Ruiz. Now, in this accelerated and confusing time, a nostalgic look arises at the path traveled, at the moments, at the friends, at the memories that we carry in our hearts and that change our perspective.

Portada de memories

Memories of the heart

We are all full of memories inside us that accompany us and that we often evoke accompanied by family or friends. Unforgettable and nostalgic moments that are part of our hearts

Portada Return

The return

In some situations we return to those diffuse memories, that we do not know if they happened as we remember, or that cause us sadness or restlessness, for those who are no longer here, those we lost or because they were not pleasant moments

Press Articles Featuring Juan Manuel Ruiz
"'Friends' is a heartfelt tribute to those special people in our lives who accept us as we are and are there for us no matter what. From quiet and meditative to very joyful and upbeat, it's a favorite! 'Nostalgia' looks back to times in the past that are especially touching. A sense of deep longing is present at the beginning of the piece and returns near the end while the middle/main section is somewhat livelier yet bittersweet and heartfelt."
"Suddenly though, the rhythm and flow are all in place, and the melody starts to form. And wow, Ruiz truly has piano magic in store for us! 'Cutouts' is a gorgeous piece. Dynamic and hard-hitting, Ruiz paints pictures of all those small, seemingly insignificant moments that life is made up of."
"Juan Manuel Ruiz: Permanent International Competition Award 'From Creativity to Piano'"
"Ruiz has manifested into a multifaceted and versatile artist with distinctively glistening compositions and melodies, creating a signature sound that is dynamic, emotional and progressively innovative."

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Will (2018)

In my dreams

Cutouts (2020)

The path

Memories of the heart (2023)

The return

The return (2023)

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