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Juan Manuel Ruiz is a piano artist who produces and releases his music independently. He works in the local town archive as administrative. Juan Manuel is a lover of new age piano music and of melancholic and relax melodies. He learned to play the piano and the fundamentals of musical language at Darezzo School ( ), where he has been learning the secrets of the instrument for years and where he is still continues to learn and try to improve.

Sheet Music

log sheet music

01 . She (solo piano)

07. Beats without harmony (solo piano)

02 . Travel to your lap (solo piano)

08 . Sahara

03.  Dawn (solo piano)

09 . Melody (solo piano)

04 . Look me in the eye (solo piano)

10 . Too far (solo piano)

05 . Soliloquy (solo piano)

11 . Will (solo piano)

06 . Behind the glass (solo piano)

12 . Uncertainty (solo piano)