The passage of time is present in the music of Juan Manuel Ruiz. Now, in this accelerated and confusing time, a nostalgic look arises at the path traveled, at the moments, at the friends, at the memories that we carry in our hearts and that change our perspective.


The future and the influence on the path of life, free will and uncertainty or destiny reflected behind the glass are questions in Will's songs.


Confinement during COVID is a parenthesis from which several songs are born, formed with cutouts, a puzzle of melodies that come together to give rise to a journey or an illusion, a hope for transformation.

Portada de memories

Memories of the heart

We are all full of memories inside us that accompany us and that we often evoke accompanied by family or friends. Unforgettable and nostalgic moments that are part of our hearts

Portada Return

The return

In some situations we return to those diffuse memories, that we do not know if they happened as we remember, or that cause us sadness or restlessness, for those who are no longer here, those we lost or because they were not pleasant moments.

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